The Council’s mission

As an independent foundation, the Dutch Physics Council aims to promote the interests of physics in the field of academic research and education, from an initiating, signalling role. The Council also propagates the importance of physics for our current and future society, based on a long-term vision and in consultation with other disciplines.

Dutch Physics is among the absolute top in the world. Physics is a key discipline in addressing fundamental and applied research topics and meeting societal challenges while training a highly-skilled workforce. It is in fact the foundation for the future.


In the coming years, physics research will be essential to accomplish the missions set on various national and European roadmaps. In order for Dutch physics to play this pivotal role new initiatives, efforts and investments with the proper balance between curiosity-driven and thematic approaches are crucial. The Dutch Physics Council will take –together with others– an active role to ensure more money for fundamental research and education in especially the STEM research fields. It will build on established vision documents, e.g., the Dijkgraaf vision paper 2025 “Chemistry & Physics: Fundamental For Our Future” and the NWO Visie Documenten van de Physics Research Communities. Thus, society can continue to rely on physics to add value and tackle societal challenges as it has done so successfully in the past.