Physics for Technology and Instrumentation (PTI)

Credit: Monique Shaw

The Physics for Technology and Instrumentation (PTI) research community studies fundamental and applied physics to advance the development of new technologies, methods, instrumentation and engineering innovations.

The gained knowledge is used to advance the performance of technologies and instrumentation in fields such as acoustics, optical metrology, medical technology, microscopy, integrated photonics, nano-electronics, quantum information, magnet technology, advanced light sources and particle and X-ray beam techniques. The majority of the research community works in one of the following areas:

  1. Physics for Fabrication: manipulation of materials at the nano- to micro-scale in 2- and 3-D
  2. Sensing, Detecting and Probing: striving for smaller and smarter sensing devices
  3. Sources: improvement of radiation and particle sources
  4. Actuation and Manipulation: development of novel concepts for biomolecules, fluids, and plasmas in reactors and detectors.

For more information, see also the NWO research community PTI webpage and their vision document

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