Minerva Prize


Credit: John Mostert

The Minerva Prize is awarded annually to an outstanding young female or non-binary physicist in the Netherlands with an overall performance that scientifically excels in any subfield of physics. Both experimental and theoretical scientific physics research carried out at Dutch universities, research institutes (incl. TO2 institutes), university medical centers, or at universities of applied sciences are taken into account. The prize is a tribute, and the laureate serves as an inspiring example for others. The winner receives a sum of € 5,000 that can be spent as wished, together with a prize certificate, and is invited to present their research at a national meeting.

The Minerva Prize is a joint award by the Dutch Physics Council (DPC) and the Netherlands’ Physical Society (NNV) with the aim to support gender diversity in the Dutch physics community.

See the Rules and instructions for more information about the prize and its procedures. Please make use of the specific Nomination Form. Nominations are to be submitted electronically according to these Rules and instructions (see also the specific nomination form).

The deadline for submitting nominations is 1 October 2024.

The selection committee for the 2023 Minerva Prize included:

  • Andrea Baldi, VU – chair
  • Gideon Koekoek, UM
  • Mireille Claessens, UT
  • Anna von der Heydt, UU
  • Julia Cramer, LEI
  • Anne-Marije Zwerver – won de Minervaprijs in 2022, TUD

Winners Minerva Prize

Some background:

The current Minerva prize is an adjusted version of the much appreciated Minerva Prize as established by FOM in 2000. The focus of that prize was solely on the best publication of a female physicist working in the Netherlands. The focus of the current prize is still on gender diversity, but better adapted to the current needs. Have a look at the Minerva Prize laureates of the previous version of this prize; you will most likely know many of them.