Nano, Quantum and Materials Physics (NQMP)

Credit: Sebastian Öner, AMOLF

The research community Nano, Quantum and Materials Physics (NQMP) brings together the traditional fields of atomic, molecular and optical physics, hard condensed matter, materials science, interface physics, physical chemistry, soft matter, and nanoscience.

The key research areas covered by the research commu­nity NQMP are the understanding and potential manipulation of electrons, photons, atoms, molecules, and materials. This includes interactions between (quasi-)particles with charge and spin, their interaction with external fields, their excitations, as well as the dynamical processes that they induce. Properties that arise from confinement effects in nano-materials, as well as from collective inter­actions and order phenomena, are also at the centre of the NQMP interest. Since the properties of materials not only depend on the constituent building blocks, i.e. the atoms or molecules, but also on the interactions between them, different properties can appear at differ­ent length scales, in different dimensions, and even in dif­ferently shaped materials. This makes the research field of nanoscale and quantum matter extremely rich in terms of fundamental physics, and provides a huge potential for current and future device applications.

For more information, see also the NWO research community NQMP webpage and their vision document

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