Nynke Dekker wins Physica Prize 2023

Credit: Studio Oostrum/Hollandse Hoogte

The Physica Prize 2023 has been awarded to Nynke Dekker, professor single molecule nanoscale biophysics at the Kavli Institute of Nanoscience at Delft Technical University. She has invented and developed innovative physical methods within molecular biology, which she applies to current and relevant issues in biology and medicine. Her research takes place at the interfaces of physics, chemistry and biology.

Please have a look at the press release press release (d.d. 18 January 2023).

Annually, the Physica Prize is awarded to an eminent physicist, who is active in the Netherlands. A jury awards the prize after consultation of several representatives of the Dutch physics community. The jury comprises of the president of the Netherlands Physical Society, the president of Foundation Physica and a former laureate.